Terminology for Large Organizations is a consortium of terminologists who promote terminology management as an essential part of corporate identity, content development, content management, and global communications in large organizations.

TerminOrgs Publications

Guides, resources and other publications maintained by TerminOrgs

  • Terminology Starter Guide: A guide on the essentials of terminology management as a profession and a practice. Most recent version: December 2012.
  • TBX-Basic Specification: An XML format for recording terminological data. It is a lighter version of TBX-Default and reflects industry best-practices for terminology management in content authoring and translation. Most recent version: V3.1, September 2014.
  • Terminology Skills: An overview of the qualifications and duties that are typically required of terminology professionals in large organizations. The audience includes people who are currently working in terminology management, those who aspire to a terminology career, and corporate managers who are considering hiring a terminologist. Most recent version: September 2016.
  • Terminology Degrees, Courses and Certifications: A collection of educational resources for terminology professionals. Most recent version: September 2016.