Terminology for Large Organizations is a consortium of terminologists who promote terminology management as an essential part of corporate identity, content development, content management, and global communications in large organizations.

Terminology Round Table at Localization World Vancouver, 29 October 2014

Event Description

As part of Localization World Vancouver, 29-31 October 2014, terminology professionals from around the world gathered to take the pulse of terminology management in the industry today. This session offered participants an opportunity to collaborate to find answers to some of the current challenges in terminology and terminology management.

  • Hosts: Hanne Smaadahl (SAP), Palle Petersen (Microsoft)
  • Speakers: Caroline Koff (Hewlett-Packard), Jason Lam (SAP), Pierre Lo (SAP), Manuela Noske (Microsoft), Indra Samite (Tilde), An Stuyven (Skrivanek Group), Val Swisher (Content Rules, Inc.), Ventsislav Zhechev (Autodesk Inc.)